About Basic Electronics and Circuits

This blog focuses on the contribution of valuable information about Electronics and Circuits. It will be providing topics that discuss about projects and explanations about the basics. Advance topics are also discussed but they are to be explained in a manner that even beginners could possibly understand. New individuals who wish to learn about this field should be given the primary importance to clearly grasp the topic.

For the Benefit of all Beginners

You will be able to learn the basics of electronics by understanding how a certain component works. Such components are Resistors, Diode, Transistors and etc… The functions and their uses are clearly explained to let you have an idea on how they work and operate.

Doing your projects doesn’t end up by simply understanding everything about Electronic Devices that are mentioned above. You must have the skill of handling the Soldering Iron or other tools for manually building your projects. If you failed on your first attempt then you have to keep on practicing as these skills can only be gained through experience.

Beginners will learn how to read circuit diagrams and design their own simple project. Reading blueprints is very important because it acts as your main guide for successful constructions. Most problems encountered are misinterpretation of reading the circuit diagram. Today, there are hundreds of software programs that you can use on your computer to aid you on your design.

Safety is also discussed on this blog with regards about the constructions of projects. Electronics involves the use of Electricity which can be dangerous when you do not know what you are doing. You will be guided on how to segregate your items and organize your tools.

For the Benefit of all Advance hobbyist

No matter how good you are, there might still be something that you do not know yet and this blog could contain that information. However, I suggest that you can also share your own knowledge and interest by participating on the discussions through the comment form.

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